Throughout the year you can buy tasty products of young deer meat from our own species-appropriate breeding at Gut Waltersteig. Quality is our top priority.

Please telephone to make an appointment with us (08179/1011).  Thank you!


Venison has a high proportion of valuable protein, which can particularly be utilized by the body, due to its richness in essential amino acids.  Nutrients from animal sources such as meat can often be absorbed better than those from plants.  Furthermore, meat in one’s diet supports the utilization of plant nutrients.  The importance of meat as a valuable vitamin supplier should not be neglected e.g. for vitamins B1, B6 and B12.  The recommended daily intake of vitamin B12, which is merely found in animal protein, is already achieved by one serving of venison.  In addition, venison supplies the body with minerals such as magnesium, zinc and selenium.


Lean venison is one of the most valuable sources of iron in our diet.  Women in particular have a high requirement for iron.  Athletes need iron for endurance as it proved the transport of oxygen throughout the blood.  The supply situation in terms of iron is often misjudged:  In fact, iron deficiency is one of the most frequently occurring deficiencies occurring in Germany and throughout the world.



Our roast of young deer, divided into portions and vacuum packed costs:  


Deer loin 5,20 Euro / 100gr

Deer filet 5,20 Euro / 100gr

From the haunch:

• Top shell 2,80 Euro / 100gr
• Roll 2,90 Euro / 100gr
• Nut 2,70 Euro / 100gr
• Lower shell 2,50 Euro / 100gr

• Hip 2,40 Euro / 100gr

Noble goulash cut 2,50 Euro / 100gr

Deer ham 7,50 Euro / 100gr

Deer salami 7,50 Euro / piece

Hirschbeisser 2,00 Euro / piece