Interactive shooting simulator

Improve your shooting skills. Your results are influenced by several factors: the familiar handling of your weapon, your posture and the perfect weapon movement.  This shooting simulator, patented by the Swedish company Marksman, enables you to improve your skills continuously and under realistic and fun conditions.

Price per hour: 110 €

 Typical Bavarian snack on request.

  • You can use your own rifle or shotgun to practice on our video simulation system (without live ammunition!), or borrow one of our weapons.
  • You will receive accurate facts and figures on the timing and swing to analyse how your shot was carried out and followed through.
  • Your entire movement, even after firing, is evaluated accurately and displayed in a transparent and comprehensible manner.
  • The system offers different scenarios for shotguns and rifles, such as clay pigeons, discs, balloons, hare hunting, ducks, pheasants, red deer or wild boar.
  • The technology can be used by hunters and non-hunters, beginners or professionals.​



Shooting like it is in real life, and not as it is in a computer game.


We are happy to give you tips on how to improve your results, based on the high-tech equipment used in our shooting cinema.


The primary purpose of our system is to improve shooting technique and not entertainment. Therefore, it is important for us to practice under scenarios that are as realistic as possible. With our shooting cinema you can train at the highest level, regardless of the weather conditions or the season. In the 3D hunting simulations, you see the game fall when the shot hits the target or flee if the shot is not successful. Simultaneously you are also shown the precise impact point on the target.


To analyze your shots accurately, a special camera is attached under the barrel of your weapon. This provides far more accurate results than laser systems. Additionally, all factors that influence your shooting are captured and can be reassessed and analyzed perfectly after the shot. How do you move your weapon onto the target? Did you estimate the need to aim off correctly? Have you also considered that the need to aim off is also influenced by the ammunition you are using?






  • Hunting trap, double trap, hunting skeet, Olympic skeet with ISSF rules, still target
  • Rabbit, pheasant, partridge and duck hunting with a lifelike animated image
  • Clay pigeon shooting on a course



  • Running wild boar, running moose, running red deer, still target
  • Driven hunt simulation with wild boar and red deer


Choose from many simulations and hone your shooting skills - regardless of the weather and without needing to use kilos of ammunition. This is entirely environmentally friendly!


Regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional or beginner, a sports shooter or hunter, in a group or alone - going to Waltersteig is worthwhile for anyone who enjoys shooting (or just wants to “give it a go”). Are you annoyed you aren’t hitting more and want to know why? Are you looking to improve certain disciplines of your clay pigeon shooting? Would you like to say thank you for a hunting invitation? Do you just enjoy shooting and do not want to belong to a club? Would you like to give a passionate shooter or hunter a special gift? For these - and many other - good reasons, the right address is the shooting cinema at Gut Waltersteig!  


Price per hour: 110 €

Bavarian snack on request.