Interlard the joint with smoked ham and rub it with salt, pepper and hot mustard.

1 medium onion, 1 garlic clove, 1 bay leaf, the zest of a half unwaxed lemon, 2-3 anchovies filets, 1 soup spoon of capers and 1 small bunch of parsley shred in small parts, and brown it lightly in butter or margarine, put it in the prepared joint inside and turn it around, so that the pore are closed, brown it lightly, deglaze with bouillon or water and roast it in the oven until it is brown. During the roasting, the joint has to be deglazed several times.​



Joint (haunch or shoulder)

Smoked ham

Salt, pepper

hot mustard

1 medium onion

1-garlic clove

1 bay leaf

Zest of a half unwaxed lemon

2 – 3 anchovies filet

1 soupspoon of capers

1 small bunch of parsley

Butter or margarine

Bouillon or water

FlourSour cream or yoghurt

Red wine

Venison roast type Liesenthaler


Venison haunch in curry sauce 



1 Kg venison haunch without bones

3/8-liter herb red wine

1/8-liter olive oil

1 garlic clove


100g smoked ham in slices

Paprika – spice

1 – 2 Tbsp. curry powder

1 big onion

1/8-liter sour cream


1 Tbsp. jelly of black currant

Take the venison haunch and press garlic clove over it, than salt it and put it on two slices of ham in an earthen baking mold. Now dust the haunch with paprika – spice and little curry. Cut the onion in small slices and allocate it on the meat. At the end covert he top with slices of smoked ham.

Before you close the form and put it into the pre-heated oven at 250°C, spill the meat with 1,5 cups of red wine. To be well done, the haunch needs about 2 hours. (As soon as the meat is well done, take it out of the form, cut into slices and put in a spread to keep it warm. The braised liquid you put into a pan and cook it. You add the sour cream and flour, which had been mix with water). Now you can add the jelly of black currant and add some curry for tasting and pour it over 

the venison.

The venison haunch in curry sauce you can serve with rice and baked bananas. The tasteful contrast makes this menu to a delicacy for the bon vivant.

Remove the sinews and part of the skin of the shoulder. Mix all herbs. Afterwards salt the venison and dredge the shoulder with the herbs. Put the shoulder into a waved earthen baking mold and cover the meat with slices of smoked ham and pour red wine into the form. Take care, that the herbs will be not washed from the venison.

For two hours at 250°C  put the closed form into the oven. Serve some hand made spaetzle and cranberry to the venison.

Enjoy your meal!

Grüne Hirschschulter​



1000 g Hirschschulter ohne Knochen

Salz Frische Kräuter:

1 EL Thymian

1 EL Basilikum

1 EL Dillspitzen

1 EL Rosmarin

125 g Räucherspeck in Scheiben

¼ l Rotwein

1 TL Mehl

Salz, Pfeffer

½ Tasse Sahne

Entfernen Sie zunächst Sehnen und Hautteile von dem Schulterstück. Wiegen Sie die Kräuter sehr fein, und vermischen Sie es gut miteinander. Anschließend salzen Sie das Fleisch und bestreuen es rundum gleichmäßig mit den Kräutern. Legen Sie die Schulter in eine gewässerte Ton form. Dann decken Sie die Speckscheiben über das Fleisch und gießen den Rotwein vom Rand der Form her dazu. Seien Sie dabei bitte vorsichtig, sonst schwemmen Sie die Kräuter vom Fleisch.

Bei 250° C lassen Sie den Braten in der geschlossenen Form ungefähr zwei Stunden garen. Anschließend nehmen Sie das Fleisch aus der Form, schneiden es in Scheiben und stellen es warm. Vor dem Servieren umlegen Sie es mit den knusprigen Speckscheiben. Die Flüssigkeit aber gießen Sie in einen kleinen Topf, binden sie mit in kaltem Wasser angerührtem Mehl zur Soße, die Sie mit Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken und mit Sahne verfeinern.


Reichen Sie hausgemachte Spätzle und Preiselbeerkompott dazu​.

Venison loin type Landlord​



Venison loin

Pepper, herbage of Provence

Butter, salt

Apply oil on the whole venison loin and flavor the meat all over with the herbage. Put the venison into the oven at a stretch in the, at 200°C pre-heated oven.


After 13 – 17 minutes, depending on the thickness oft he venison loin, grease the piece with butter and salt it.

The loin is bloody inside and has to remain 5 – 10 minutes in the warm oven. To serve decant the meat juice. Now the venison is mellow pink and ready to serve.

Enjoy your meal!



250g calf´s liver

50g smoked ham

1 small onion

1 soaked in water and squeezed out bun

1 Egg

2 pinches of powder of ginger, thyme and curry

Salt, Pepper

4 big venison schnitzel

1 cup red wine


Pass the calf´s liver, the smoked ham, the onion and the bun through the blender.

Add the egg and flavor the mass with ginger, thyme and curry and knead the mass well and add salt and pepper to taste.

Salt the meat on the outside and spread the mass on the inside of schnitzel. Now roll it to a roulade and clip it together with a wooden pick. Now put the roulade into the waved earth-baking mold and pour the red wine into the form.

The venison roulades braised for 1,5 hours at 220°C.

Red cabbage and boiled potatoes or potato croquette fit perfectly to the venison.


Enjoy your meal!

Breaded venison roast​



1 – 1,5 kg venison haunch without bones
2 - 3 bay leaves
5 – 6 juniper berries
1 big carrot
2 small onions
Water, salt, soup aroma
Hard brown bread
½ level teaspoon cinnamon
1-heaped spoonful pulverlent sugar
Butter or margarine

Flour, stock
Fruit juice (Orange, cherry, mandarin orange, red currant)
Red wine

The haunch is covered with 2-3 bay leaves, 5-6 peppercorns, 5-6 juniper berries, 1 sliced carrot, 2 small divided onions and water, so that the howl haunch is covert.

The haunch will be flavored with soup aroma and salt and cooked slowly.

If necessary, add water or soup aroma.

In the mean time, hard brown bread will be grated and dried, mixed in equal shares with bread crumbs, ½ level teaspoon cinnamon, good pulverlent and the sugar.​

About 6g of butter or margarine should be creamed and mixed with the bread. The mixed mass will be spread on the cooked and cold down venison haunch as thick as a half finger.

In a sauce pan a nut – sized big piece of butter or margarine will be headed up and deglazed with the venison stock and filled up until the ground oft he sauce pan will be covered with liquid. Now put the white bread past covert venison haunch into the preheated oven, until the crust is gold brown.

Sauce:The pan drippings pulver with flour and prepare a dark roux, deglazing with stock and stir well until smooth and round down with fruit juice and red wine.

Tot he venison haunch you can serve macaroni, cooked root vegetables, scalloped cauliflower and mashed potatoes or potato croquette.


Enjoy your meal!



1 saddle of red deer venison, 1 Kg

White bred


Salt, Pepper

Vegetables oft he season (green asparagus)

4 Potatoes



For the farce:

300g poultry

100 ml cream

Salt, Pepper


For the sauce:

¼ liter venison stock

2 cl Cognac

100 ml cream

8-juniper berry squeezed

50g butter

Salt, Pepper

Saddle of red deer venison in bread crust​

Release the saddle from the bone, fat and sinews.

Blanch the green asparagus in a pan with salt water and chill it afterwards in cold water.

Peel and blanch the carrots.


For the farce:

Cut the poultry in small pieces freeze it shortly and put it afterwards into the moulinette with the cream and mix it and add salt and pepper to taste. Decorticate the bread; slice it into small slices (about 4mm). Salt and pepper the saddle, brush the bread with farce and lay the saddle on it. Now you can reel the bread on the saddle.

Roast it from all sides in oil (take care, it becomes very fast black).

Than put it on a panel sheet for about 10 minutes by 180°C hot air.


To make the sauce, put the venison stock, cognac, cream and the juniper berries (squeezed with the knife) into a pan and boil it up, than add the cold butter.


Use the hand mixer to puree it.


Enjoy your meal!

Venison – Saltimbocca from the grill​



Per person 1-2 very thin slices of venison haunch
Medium – strength mustard
Liquid soup seasoning
2 sage leaves
1 thin slice cheese
1 thin slice cooked ham
¼ liter olive oil
1-garlic clove


Very thin, perpendicular-to-the grain-cut slices of the haunch are brushed with mustard and flavored with soup seasoning and pepper, faced with 2 sage leaves, on top 1 slice cheese and one slice ham.

Now roll it up to a roulade with olive oil and garlic and fix it with a brochette. Heat up the barbecue grill 15 min. before and put the roulades in the mid level and grill it at full power.


Enjoy your meal!