The history of Gut Waltersteig


Gut Waltersteig is situated in the heart of the Loisachtal valley, seven kilometres south of Wolfratshausen in Herrhausen near Beuerberg. Waltersteig is already mentioned in the land register of the propstes Saxo IV Konrad 1354 as a fief in Herrhausen. In 1930 it was bought by the von Poschinger family.


At Gut Waltersteig you can buy tasty products, made from young deer meat from our own species-appropriate breed, all year round. Quality is the top priority - the von Poschinger family guarantees that only meat from young, maximum 2-year-old animals is sold.


Gut Waltersteig is also a member of the Bavarian Forest Owners' Association and the Bavarian Christmas Tree Growers Association, and thus subjects itself to high quality standards and requirements. The 'Bavarian Christmas Tree' is characterized by absolute freshness, because it is only cut down when its buyer has made his choice. As this is done on site, long transport distances and commutes are eliminated. This is not the only reason why the 'Bavarian Christmas tree' is an environmentally friendly natural product.


Since 2019 we offer our renovated stables and our barn for seminars, events and celebrations either in a familiar or corporate setting.